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Three Wise Choices on the Path of Completeness (James 1:2-8)

Roger Thrower, November 2, 2014
Part of the Spiritual Maturity series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

The intention of this passage is to teach us life’s process for becoming a complete person lacking nothing. It shows us that trials are designed to prove us while revealing what we are made of. Trials serve as God’s finishing school to make us complete lacking nothing. Three wise choices are required on the path of completeness.

1. Maintain a joyful attitude…
…so that the Holy Spirit can empower you. We are instructed to adjust our attitude by counting the process of going through the trial a joy.
*Hebrews 12:2, Nehemiah 8:1-10

2. Remain steadfast.... Christ power through the test by enduring and persevering through it.
* 1 Samuel 30:1-6

3. Ask for wisdom...
... and expect to receive it. The trial a place to grow in wisdom and God will never belittle you, but instead expects you to ask.
* 2 Chronicles 1:7-13

Tags: choices, trials, wisdom

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